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At Controls Warehouse, we carry many various electromagnetic flow meters (or magmeters, as they are frequently called) from the top manufacturers in this field. Magmeters operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction, applying a controlled electromagnetic field in the metering tube by the way of coils. Conductive fluid flowing through the electromagnetic field generates a voltage proportional to its velocity. Sensing electrodes on the inner surface of the metering tube detect the induced voltage, which the unit further converts into a volumetric flow rate. The ABB WaterMaster is available with numerous liner options with integral and remote converter options as well.  Badger ModMAG® Electromagnetic Flow Meters are available for water and wastewater applications(M-Series® M-1000); with scalable outputs (M-Series® M2000); with Class 1, Div. 2 construction (M-Series® M-3000); with rate and totalization (M-Series® M5000); with battery power (M-Series® M5000) and w/PC interface (M-Series® M7600). Honeywell, formerly known as Elster and AMCO now offers the The evoQ4 water meter providing a total solution for commercial water utility metering, meeting the needs served by traditional turbines, compounds, single jets and electromagnetic meters.The Niagara Meters, the 6600 Series Magmeter is available. It is recommended for all types of conductive liquids and slurries; and also features a noise reduction function, in which a grounding electrode detects ambient noise. Unlike other magmeters, the Niagara 6600 Series does not required grounding rings. The Seametrics, the iMAG Series is available, which features an easy setup, a tamper-evident seal, NSF-61 approval and IP68 rating.

The above is just a small sample of the magmeters that we offer our customers worldwide, please contact us directly or visit the manufacturer pages below for more information.

Badger (Blancett®, Dynasonics®, E-Series®, Hedland®, ModMAG®, Recordall®, Turbo) Badger (Blancett®, Dynasonics®, E-Series®, Hedland®, ModMAG®, Recordall®, Turbo)
Elster AMCO Honeywell Elster AMCO Honeywell
Honeywell Elster AMCO Honeywell Elster AMCO
Niagara® meters Niagara® meters
Seametrics Seametrics

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