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When customers need rugged meters that can work in the most extreme conditions, they count on our experts at Controls Warehouse. We distribute a wide variety of flow measuring devices for a diverse array of applications, including the ForceMeter™. This meter, offered from Niagara Meters, is used to measure liquid, steam or gas flows. A hermetically sealed strain gauge bridge circuit is used to sense the force of the fluid in the flow stream. This design offers a host of benefits. Force meters have a quick response time, displaying the flow rate from zero to the full range of flow in less than a second. They have no frictional moving parts to wear out, are hermetically sealed and withstand thermal shocks. Available in styles including standard, cryogenic and extended temperature, force meters can handle temperatures from -320°F all the way to 500°F. These products are fully CE and FM approved.

To learn more about force meters, please contact us directly or visit the manufacturer pages below for more information.

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