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Kessler-EllisFor over 55 years, Kessler-Ellis Products (KEP) has provided flow instrumentation, displays, counters, timers, rate meters, PLC operator interfaces, HMI software and contract manufacturing products to customers worldwide. At Controls Warehouse, we carry a wide variety of high quality KEP products in stock and ready for shipment. We are capable of programming any of these displays, controllers, etc. before their shipment to make your installation a breeze. Also offering custom enclosures and features, such as push buttons, relays, wiring terminals, etc. to meet your needs/application. Need assistance programming an existing unit or having trouble with a display? Please contact us for a programming walk through or one on one troubleshooting to determine the issue.

To learn more about our full line of KEP products, please contact us directly or view the spec sheets below.

Batch Controllers

    BT2 BATCHtrol II Batch Controller With Two Stage Valve Control Specs Manual
    FL08 FLOWtrol Batch Controller Specs Manual
    LT2 LEVELtrol II Multi-Function Level Indicator, Controller and Batcher Specs Manual
    MB2 MiniBatcher Low Cost, Pulse Input Batch Controller
Specs Manual
    MB8 MASSbatch Temperature/Density Compensated Batch Controller Specs

Communications Solutions

   IEPS-1000 Intelligent Ethernet Single Port Server
   IEPS-3000 Intelligent Ethernet Port Server

Flow Computers

   ES-747 Liquid & Gas Applications Specs Manual
   ES-749 Utility Metering
   ES-759 Heat Flow Computer
Specs Manual
   ES-761 Net Energy Flow Computer
   ES-762 Utility Metering with Multichannel Auxiliary Inputs & Totalizers
Specs Manual
   MS-716 Flow Totalizer, Ratemeter & Batcher for Vehicle & Skid Mount
   MS-748 Rugged, Field Mount, Multi-Function
Specs Manual
   ST1 SUPERtrol I Multi-Funtion Flow Totalizer, Ratemeter and Batcher
   ST1-MANIFOLD-FC 2-Channel Manifold Control for Liquid Applications
Specs Manual
   ST1-SUM-FC Rate/Total for Sum of 2 Flowmeters in Liquid Applications
   ST2 SUPERtrol II Multifunction Flow Computer
Specs Manual

Field Indicators

   BAT D/T-M Battery Powered Dual Totalizer Specs Manual
   BAT RAT-M Battery Powered Ratemeter & Totalizer with Alarm Output Specs Manual
   BAT R/T-M Battery or Loop Powered Ratemeter & Totalizer Specs Manual
   SQUIRT Loop Powered Indicator Specs Manual
   SQUIRT-R Loop Powered Indicatorwith Root Extractor Specs

Ratemeters and Totalizers

   DRT Dual rate/totalizer 2 Separate Rate/Total Displays with Combo Function Specs Manual
   INTELLECT-69 Ratemeter / Totalizer From Analog Inputs Specs Manual
   KP8 KEPtrol R/T Totalizer / Ratemeter Specs Manual
   MRT MINItrol Low Cost, Pulse Input Totalizer/Ratemeter Specs Manual
   MRT-PW MINItrol-PW Totalizer/Ratemeter; Paddle or Pelton Wheel Turbine
Specs Manual
   MRT-S MINItrol-S Totalizer/Ratemeter with Separate Scaling of Rate/Total Specs Manual
   RTP Two Separate Ratemeters, Totalizers with Two Line LCD Display Specs Manual

Transmitters and Accesories

   115 Series 5/12/24v AC to DC Power Supply Specs  
   520K-530K Pulse Counter, Position Display, Rate Meters, Time Meters & Combos Specs  
   AMP-1 Preamp & Signal Conditioner for Magnetic Pickups
   P20 Thermal Receipt Printer Specs Manual
   P220 Impact Receipt Printer Specs Manual
   SC-FF Frequency to Frequency Pulse Isolator and Scaler Specs Manual
   SC-FI Frequency to Current Signal Conditioner Specs Manual
   SC-IF Current to Frequency Loop Powered Isolator Specs Manual
   SC-II Current to Current Converter Specs Manual

Legacy Products

   DPFC Differential Pressure Flow Computer
   MFC MASStrol Mass Flow Computer Reference  
   NEMAtrol NEMA 4X/IP65 Enclosures Reference  
   XTROL 7/4 Explosion Proof Housing Reference  

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