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Badger MeterAt Controls Warehouse, we have been distributing flow measurement products for over 30 years. We work with many middle manufacturers in the field, including Badger Meter. For more than a century, Badger Meter has been a leader in innovative metering technology, offering a comprehensive water meter product line for residential, commercial, and fire service applications. All of the Badger meters are regulation compliant (such as AWWA, NSF-61, etc.) and are available in a range of materials, metering technologies and sizes. Choose between the Recordall®, E-Series®, or M-Series® meters with material choices including bi-alloy, engineered polymer, or stainless steel in a wide range of sizing options. Your choice in a water metering solution counts, choose from the many Badger Meter offerings to find a solution that meets your specific needs. Badger Meter also owns brands such as Blancett®, Dynasonics®, E-Series®, Hedland®, and ModMAG®. These brands offer high quality turbines, displays, variable area meters and ultrasonic meters.

Below is a small sample of the Badger products that we carry. To learn more, please contact us directly or view the spec sheets below.


   1100 Series Turbine Flow Meter Specs Manual
   1200 In-line Turbine Flow Meter
Specs Manual
   900 Series Flow Meter
Specs Manual
   B1500 Turbine Flow Meter
Specs Manual
   B16D Series FloClean Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter
Specs Manual
   B16N Series FloClean Tri-Clover End Fitting turbine Flow Meter
Specs Manual
   B20 Series Water Flood Meter Specs Manual
   B2800 Flow Monitor Specs Manual
   B2900 Flow Monitor Specs Manual
   B3000 Series Flow Monitor Specs Manual
   QuikSert® In-Line Turbo Flow Meter Specs Manual
   Magnetic Pickup for Turbine Flowmeters Specs  


   DFX Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meters Specs Manual
   DXN Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meters
Specs Manual
   TFX Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters Specs  
   TFXL Transit Time Flow Meters
Specs Manual
   UFX Doppler Flow Meter
Specs Manual

E-Series® Ultrasonic Meters

   E-Series® Ultrasonic Plus with integrated shutoff valve Specs
   U-500W Engineered Polymer Ultrasonic
   U-500W Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Specs


   Variable Area Flow Meters and Flow Switches Catalog  


   M-Series® M 1000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Specs Manual
   M-Series® M 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter Specs  


   Recordall® Compound Meter NSF/ANSI Standards 61 & 372 Certified 2 to 6 in.
Specs Manual
   Recordall® Disc Meters NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 Certified
Specs Manual
   Recordall® Industrial Meters (RCDL) Nutating Disc: Bronze and Thermoplastic
Specs Manual
   Transmitter Register (RTR)
   Recordall® Turbo Series Meter 1-½ to 12 inches
Specs Manual
   Recordall® Turbo Series Meter 16 to 20 inches
   ER-420 Totalizer, Flow Rate Indicator with 4-20mA Output
Specs Manual
   FT-1, PFT-2 ,FT-2XP, RST & RST-6P Unscaled Mechanical Transmitters
   PFT-420, PFT-420/2, FT-420B, RST420 Analog Flow Transmitter 4-20mA
Specs Interconnect Diagram


   Industrial Turbo Specs  Manual

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