Distributor of Venture Measurement Flow Meters

Venture MeasurementCustomers across the country and around the world count on us at Controls Warehouse to provide highly accurate flow meters and related products. We partner with many ISO 9001 registered manufacturers, including Venture Measurement. Manufacturing under the Niagara brand, Venture offers flow meters with versatile design and construction that allow for maximum flexibility with various fluids. The 6600 Series Magmeter is an in-line electromagnetic flow meter that is recommended for conductive liquid or slurry applications. The series features easy installation and very high accuracy, measured at ± 0.5% of flow rate. The Niagara Nutating Disc is also available. It features close clearances within its chamber that ensures minimum leakage for the accurate and repeatable measurement of each volume cycle. The Nutating Disc is very compact in size, and is compatible with a broad range of fluids.

To learn more about the quality products available from Venture under the Niagara line, please contact us directly or view the spec sheets below.

Venture/Niagara BTU Meter (PDF - 453KB)
Venture/Niagara HPM P.D. Meter (PDF - 520KB)
Venture/Niagara MTX & WPX Water Meter (PDF - 1.18MB)
Venture/Niagara Nutating Disc Meter (PDF - 461KB)
Venture/Aaliant Target Meter (PDF - 1.12MB)
Venture/Aaliant Sanitary Target Meter (PDF - 567KB)
Venture/Aaliant Model 2000 Transmitter (PDF - 63KB)
Model 1005 Pulse to Analog Converter (PDF - 439KB)
Model 1030A Remote Display (PDF - 397KB)
Model 1030F Remote Display (PDF - 421KB)
Model 1050 Specification (PDF - 378KB)
Model 1060 Specification (PDF - 377KB)
R10 Mechanical Totalizing Register (PDF - 442KB)
R11 Pulse Transmitter (PDF - 457KB)
R15A Mechanical Totalizing Register (PDF - 482KB)
R15B Mechanical Totalizing Register w/Pulse Output (PDF - 484KB)
R20 Mechnical Batch/Totalizer Register (PDF - 478KB)
R22A Mechanical Totalizing Register (PDF - 513KB)
R22B Mechanical Totalizing Register w/Pulse Output (PDF - 602KB)
R22C Explosion-Proof Register w/Pulse Transmitter (PDF - 918KB)
R25 Explosion-Proof Pulse Transmitter (PDF - 531KB)
R30A Electricontact Batch/Totalizer Register (PDF - 478KB)
R30C Electricontact Batch/Totalizer Register (PDF - 478KB)
R30D Pulse Transmitter, Batch/Totalizer Register (PDF - 478KB)
R31C Ex-Proof Pulse Transmitter, Batch/Totalizer (PDF - 478KB)
R35 Automatic Batch Controller/Totalizer Register (PDF - 689KB)
Model TWL Transmitter (PDF - 384KB)
Model TWS Transmitter (PDF - 384KB)

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