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Neptune Technology GroupThe Comate line of vortex meters uses the “Karman Vortex” principle for measurement of flow rate of various fluids such as steam, gas and liquid.  The vortex meter is highly dependable for use in steam applications.  Process connection will be available in flanged, wafer and insertion style. The inline version capable of ½ to 12” sizes. The vortex meter will have integral or remote display/transmitter options.  The standard display will have rate and total.  Optional Pulse, 4-20mA DC, HART and Modbus are available too. When wired for temperature the standard version can then be used for mass flow measurement.

For more information on the flow meter products available from Comate vortex flowmeters, please contact us directly or view the catalog below. 

Vortex flow meters

VFM60 Intelligent SensorVortex flow meter

 Comate Vortex flow meter

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of VFM VOrtex Flow meter

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