Distributor of Blue White® Industries, Ltd. Meters

Blue White Industries, Ltd.At Controls Warehouse, we have been distributing flow measurement products for over 35 years. Blue-White has a long history of supplying rotameters to the swimming pool and light commercial business sectors. This rotameter design is distinguished by the use of knurled end fittings which allow for quick disassembly - useful for situations where algae growth is a problem. These meters are available in ¼" through 2” sizes.

Below is a small sample of the Blue White products that we carry. To learn more, please contact us directly or view the spec sheets below.

Acrylic Models – Suitable for Direct Sunlight

   F-300, D-300, U-300 Insertion Acrylic Flowmeter, 1" to 8" Specs Manual
   F-400N Variable Area Flowmeter ¼" to ½"
Specs Manual
   F-410N Variable Area Flowmeter ¾" to 1"
Specs Manual
   F-420N Variable Area Flowmeter 1" and 1½"
Specs Manual
   F-430N Variable Area Flowmeter 1½" and 2"
Specs Manual
   F-550 Variable Area Flowmeter ¼" to 1"
Specs Manual

High Temp / High Pressure Models – Not Recommended for Direct Sunlight

   F-440 Polysufone Molded ⅜" to ¾" Specs Manual
  F-450N Polysufone Molded ⅜" to ¾"
Specs Manual
   F-451 Polysufone Molded 1" to 1½"
Specs Manual
   F-452N Polysufone Molded 2"
Specs Manual

UltraPure – Not Recommended for Direct Sunlight

   F-460 Polysufone Molded ½" and ¾" Specs Manual
   F-461 Polysufone Molded 1"
Specs Manual
   F-462N Polysufone Molded 2" Specs Manual
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